Overwatch Fans are Fed Up with Blizzard’s ARG

What do people do when they want to hype things up? Well, one way to hype things up is to tease them with something.

Usually, when a gaming company is set to release a new game, they will release a trailer showcasing their upcoming game in the hopes that it will be enough to entice people to buy it.

Although this is usually the case in new games, Blizzard has an interesting way to hype things up: ARG.

ARG stands for “Augmented Reality Game”. Just a few weeks ago, Blizzard started releasing “clues” about Sombra, the next character that will be released in the game.

Apparently, Sombra is a hacker/infiltrator and he/she has left so many clues about his/her existence. Since then, a lot of game detectives have pieced every clue that was released so far and they always come up empty handed.

For example, when Blizzard released the Summer Games patch trailer, there were various directional clues that can be seen in the background.

But, probably the biggest Easter Egg is within the last few seconds of the said trailer where a cloaked figure can be seen in the background just above the big field goal.

A few weeks after that, there were various clues that were released. Just recently, a link surfaced in the Overwatch forums that lead to a website.

This website had a progress bar that was slowly filling itself up. Unfortunately, the progress bar stopped at 5% and after that, people were redirected to another page stating that people were looking at the wrong places and that the TV station was so hard to hack; something to that extent.

All of the clues so far really lead to nothing and this prompted the Overwatch community to become fed up with what Blizzard is doing.

In the Overwatch forums, a lot of people were irate about this Sombra ARG that a lot of people have expressed their opinions about it.

Some people said that although the ARG was interesting and it did hype up Sombra a little bit, Blizzard has just gone way too far making the ARG dull, boring, and inconclusive.

Some Overwatch fans even went so far to say that Blizzard doesn’t even know how to make full use of the ARG.

According to “Ixidron”, one of the Overwatch players who expressed himself in the forums, Blizzard is bad in doing these ARGs.

ARGs are supposed to be interesting and the clues that can be acquired from them should lead to something.

He also went on to point that although Blizzard was releasing so many clues about Sombra, each clue leads to nowhere.

The point of ARGs is to hype things up, giving clues to the players so that they can piece them together to find out what is really going on.

But, that is not the case with what Blizzard is doing and people collectively say that this whole ARG thing is pointless.

Personally, I grew tired of this ARG. It was interesting when it started but all of these clues just lead to nowhere. I hope that Blizzard will stop doing this in future content updates because they clearly do not know how to do it properly.

Overwatch is available on the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 game consoles.